Advance Vastu Mapping Tools For Vastu Experts

Advance Vastu Mapping Tools For Vastu Experts

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Advanced Vastu Mapping Tool For Vastu Experts, Consultants & Students.

Specially Designed user-Friendly for Vastu Dosha Mapping, You Don't Need Any Special Technical Knowledge to use this Tool.

Griding Features will have the mapping of

  1. 16 Vastu Directions.
  2. Attributes of 16 Vastu Directions.
  3. Locating 32 Vastu Entries.
  4. Body Organs as Per Vastu Directions.
  5. Gridded Digital Compass.
  6. Locating Maha Marma.&
  7. Earth Energies Bar Chart
  8. Single User License.
  9. System Type Required: Windows 

Wow Tool to Grid Layouts, Now No Need to Worry About Gridding Your Layouts Manually or running behind Draftments or Auto Cad Specialist to Put Grid on Your Layouts.

  • Upload Unlimited Layouts for Gridding.
  • Download Unlimited Layouts for Gridding.
  • Unlimited Printouts of Gridded Layouts.

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System Requirement: Windows

Guided Video  - Tutorial will be provided for support, no other support will be given, however, 

PLEASE MAKE SURE ONCE PRODUCT IS SOLD WILL NOT BE REFUNDED IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WHAT SO EVER, it does work on mobile phones however its recommended to use a desktop and on mobile its a complicated procedure and we do not provide any support for you to run it on mobile, neither it has any video tutorial for the same.