Affordable Learning Program 2021

Registrations for "Affordable Learning Program 2021" is open, its an initiative of Vastu Acharya Sagar Chug to make Vedic Education affordable and reachable to all.
  1. Students enrolled in this program will always get enrolled in courses under affordable learning programs.
  2. Students can revise there sessions end number of times.
  3. Students can participate in Live Master Classes.
  4. Courses under affordable programs will have pre-recorded video sessions, eBooks, online course material, case study working and Live Master Classes, subject to courses. 
  5. Students will get opportunity to Join Case Study Sessions with Acharya Ji.
  6. Students will get assignments to practice.
  7. Assignments in most of the courses are based on student self environment studies like analysis on own home layouts, own business/shop place, working on own Horoscope and DOB etc.
  8. Upon successful completion of course students are awarded with e-Certification.
  9. Students exceptionally performed in course will get opportunity to visit Client Sites with Acharya Ji and will get opportunity to work with Acharya Ji on Sites and Cases.
  10. Student Support Group is available to ask any doubts during studies, however on Sundays their are Live Sessions For Students. Courses on the One World Vastu website have language limitations, you must watch all videos of Acharya Sagar Chug or Videos Published by One World Vastu to see Language Compatibility with your Native Language.
  11. Students will get Digital Professional Tools for support, subject to course tools will be designed.
Courses Offered Under This Program: 
Online Vastu Course.
Online Professional Vastu Course.
Online Professional Vastu Expert Course.
Online Astro Vastu Course.
Online Vedic Astrology Course.
Online Numero Vastu Course.
Online Numerology Course.
Online Crystal Vastu Course.
Online Astro Vastu Remedy Course.
Online Intuitions Course
Online Dowsing Course