Vastu Remedial Course Rs 499

Vastu Remedial Course Rs 499

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Rs. 21,000.00
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Rs. 21,000.00
सामान्य कीमत
Rs. 33,099.00
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One World Vastu is Finally Launching the most awaited and most in-demand course - Remedial Vastu Shastra Course under the Affordable Learning Program 2022. 

Thank Giving Auspicious Month :
As an initiative by One World Vastu Acharya Sagar Chug to promote affordable learning of Vedic Education, this course will start in the month of November dedicating this course to our Mystic Tattva Darshan Gurukul in Pushkar Ji, Rajasthan whose foundation work was started on 14 November 2021. 

Learn The Art of Mapping Vastu Dosha's in Layout as a Professional Vastu Consultant with Vastu Acharya Sagar Chug & One World Vastu Grand Masters & Acharyas from Delhi, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Pune, Ahmedabad and Odisha

Book Your Seat Now to Unlock 7 Bonuses worth Rs 33099.

  • 4 Days Live Zoom Sessions, 16 Hours of Training.
  • 19 & 20 November 2022, 07:00 pm - 11:00  pm, Total 8Hours (Study Session).
  • 26 & 27 November 2022, 07:00 pm -11:00 pm, Total 8 Hours (Post Study Session)(Bonus)

What You Will Get :

  • Immediate Access to 10 Recorded Pre-Preparation Videos on Vastu Shastra.
  • Immediate Access to Pre-Preparation Telegram VIP Group.
  • Live Sessions (4) with Acharya Sagar Chug & One World Vastu VGM's & Acharyas.
  • Immediate Access to e-Books on Principles of Vastu Shastra.
  • Immediate Access to Earth Energies Bar Chart Tool.
  • Immediate Access to Reference Notes/Sheets.
  • Learn at your own pace, Post Live Sessions you will get access to recordings along with Reference Notes/Sheets For 6 Months For Revisions.
  • Tools/Reporting Formats given to you will stay with you for Life Time.

What you will learn in the Workshop?

  1. Principles of Vastu Shastra.
  2. Vastu Shastra and its Effects on Human Mind.
  3. Understanding Earth Energies.
  4. Effects of Energies on Residents in House.
  5. Importance of Solar &  Magnetic Energies in Vastu Shastra.
  6. 16 Vastu Directions & Its attributes.
  7. 32 Vastu Entrances &  its attibutes.
  8. Importance of 5 Elements in Vastu Shastra.
  9. Theory of Creation in Vastu Shastra.
  10. Theory of Destruction in Vastu Shastra.
  11. Placement of Objects as Per Vastu.
  12. Selection of Activities in Home as Per Vastu.
  13. Type of Doshas in Vastu Shastra.
  14. Mapping of Disha Bal in Vastu Shastra (Earth Energies with Bar Chart).
  15. Concluding Dasha of Residents by Analysing Earth Energies in House.
  16. Finding Real North in House and Taking Degree using Digital Compass.
  17. Find Right Directions in House using Google Earth.
  18. Griding Layout using Latest Vastu Techniques.
  19. Understand the effects of Cuts and Extensions in Odd Shape Layouts.
  20. Making of Professional Vastu Reports.
  21. Finding Vastu Doshas in Residential Layouts.

Remedies Include :

  1. 2D & 3D Advance Vastu Remedies.
  2. Colour Therapy to Balance Elements.
  3. Space Extension and Cut Remedies.
  4. Enlightenment Techniques.
  5. Remedy For Kitchen/Toilet in Wrong Directions.

Free Bonuses worth Rs 33099 :

Bonus 1:  8 Hours of Extra Online Sessions on 26-27 November 2022, 07:00 pm to 11:00 pm, worth Rs. 8000.

Bonus 2: Disha Bal Mapping Tool ( Earth Energies Bar Chart), worth Rs 1100.

Bonus 3: Master Session Recordings on Prakriti Mapping of Person/Selection of Land as Per Vastu Shastra, Selection of House as Per Vastu Shastra worth Rs 5000.

Bonus 4: Five Case Study Sessions Recorded Videos worth Rs. 999.

Bonus 5: Life Time Access to VIP Telegram Group worth Rs 5500.

Bonus 6: Access to Official Reporting Format worth Rs 4500.

Bonus 7: Access to Panchtattva Meditation worth Rs 4500.

Bonus 8: Reverse Analysis Technique For Easy Mapping of Vastu Dosha worth Rs 3500.


Who is this Course For :

  • For Beginners: course is designed in the most simple and authentic way to teach beginners. 
  • For Existing Vastu Experts & Consultants: Advance Vastu Mapping and Remedies will help Vastu Experts and Consultants to upgrade skills to the next level.
  • For Architects & Interior Designers: Will help in designing new homes and interiors considering various authentic and easy-to-do Vastu Factors.
  • For House Wives: Start your earnings at your own comfort, and make money by giving Vastu consultations. 
  • & Anyone who is interested to Learn Vastu Shastra with Remedies and would like to practice as a Vastu advisor. 

Know Your Trainer Acharya Sagar Chug

  • Vastu Acharya & Occult Mentor Sagar Chug is the Founder and Member of One World Vastu & Tattva Darshan Gurukul.
  • Record Making 10000 + Students were Trained by Acharya Sagar Chug.
  • Inventor of Intuitive Vastu Grand Master Course + Intuitive Vastu Remedy Cards + Vastu Acharya Course.
  • Trainer of Trainers in Vastu Shastra.
  • Researcher on Astro-Vastu Remedial Concept.
  • Author of Books on Vastu Shastra and Astrology.
  • Acharya Sagar Chug uses the Hindi Language while giving training.

 Session Experience by Participants: 

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 Frequently Asked Questions 

1. When does Course Start and what are the Timings?

  • 19 & 20 November 2022, 07:00 pm - 11:00  pm, Total 8 Hours (Study Session).
  • 26 & 27 November 2022, 07:00 pm -11:00 pm, Total 8 Hours (Post Study Session)(Bonus)

2. Will this be Live Sessions or Pre-Recorded Videos will be Given?

Course Sessions are Live as per the date mentioned, it's going to be Live Sessions for 4 Days/4 hours each day, however, you will get access to recordings of Live Sessions for your reference and revisions for 6 months from the date of Live Sessions.

You will also get access to Pre-Recorded Videos on Vastu Shastra for your Pre-Preparation. 

 3. When will I get access to Pre-Preparation Videos?

Immediately as you pay your course fee you will get access to your pre-preparation videos on Vastu Shastra Course.

 4. I made the payment but am unable to find Pre-Preparation Material.

Login to your account with the same username and password you have registered with while creating an account on our website

Once you are logged in click on Student Login in order to get access to your course material. 

 5. Since Sessions are live will you be sharing recordings?

Yes, recordings of sessions are provided for revision for 6 months from the date of Online Sessions are over. 

6. Can I get a Refund? 

No, we do not provide refunds in any circumstances what so ever, if you are not sure about this course, we advise you to check out testimonials on Google, Facebook, and Youtube, browse about your Trainer and watch his videos on our official youtube and Facebook page - ONEWORLDVASTU. Fees once paid is nonadjustable, nontransferable nonrefundable. 

7. When can I receive a Bonus?

Bonus will be provided to you during your course or within 24 hours after your course is over.